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If you are an American student
who is not strong in vocab


If you are a foreigner and
English is not your first language

Why Do You Need A Different System to Memorize GRE Words?

Do you realize that most students begin to focus on GRE 2 to 4 weeks before the test? You can confirm this yourself if you spend 10 minutes checking out the reviews on

If you have more than 2 months...

If you are not already super strong in vocab, but want to score high on GRE, then the Franklin Vocab System's audio program for GRE vocab can greatly help you get a higher score.

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Why Is Building GRE Vocabulary So Hard
and What You Need to Do for Success

Even if you learn nothing else from me, just read this and you'll be far more successful with building vocab (and most other goals in life).

  • Problem: Most people know that vocab is hard to memorize, but think that somehow they'll be able to memorize it without knowing how or how soon.
  • But most fail. Because if they could do it so easily, they (and all their friends) would already have a good vocab.
  • The reason is that people UNDER-ESTIMATE how hard it is to build vocab. And, it is hard because such is the nature of the mind: We can all memorize 10 or 20 words, but we can't remember them after a week.
  • The 2-step solution:
    1. Know and realize with 100% certainty that memorizng vocab is hard and most people fail at it (just like me -- I got only 20% in GRE Verbal after 1 year of memorizing in traditional way), but you can do better.
    2. Use any "Spaced Repetition System" and MAKE PROMISE to YOURSELF use it at least 2 times a day for at least 2 minutes at a time. You can use this website or any other good system for repetition.
  • The #1 secret of big success: To build a powerful habit, it is more important how many times you do it than for how long you do it. The secret is that once you begin to repeat daily 2 times just for 2 minutes, the time will increase automatically. And towards building your vocab habit, you can invite 3 buddies and share progress.
What VocabVocab Spaced Repetition System Provides
  • Build powerful vocabulary in less time. If others take 3 months, you’ll take 1 month. If others take 6 months, you can do in 2 months.
  • Includes professionally recorded audio in American accent.
  • For best results, decide to spend at least 2 times daily and 2 minutes each time.
  • Use it anywhere on your mobile when you have a few minutes free, such as waiting in line, waiting at restaurant for food, or when feeling just bored. To memorize words, you just need to repeat words even if there is distraction or background noise.
  • Works on mobile, PC and pad.

Spaced Repetition System for Long Term Memory and Recall

Easily and automatically ensures you spend time ONLY on words you don't know well

Designed so that you quickly get through the words you already know, and focus on the words you don't know so well. Once you learn a word well, you no longer have to waste time repeating it.

This allows you to master maximum number of words in minimum time because you don't waste time going through words you already know as in case of books or audio recordings.

How it works

The system offers all the GRE words. You see more often those words that you know the least to maximize your learning in minimum time. The words you know perfectly well are not shown ever again.

When you log in, a word is shown without MEANING or USE.

The app screen and use

When you click "DROP", MEANING and USE are shown and you are asked to confirm

When you click a button other than "DROP", MEANING and USE are shown and the button "NEXT" appears. If you click it, immediately next word is shown.

All the GRE words are in the App. Most users can revise upto 120 to 300 words per hour. That means, if you already know 1500 words perfectly well, then in only 5 hours or so, you can mark them as DROP. And, then onward, you spend time in learning only those words are you not 100% sure.

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